Features & Benefits

  • Safe and effective in Rescue operations
  • Easy maintenance
  • Exclusive Zodiac Milpro Surf Rescue GRP floorboard with footsstraps
  • Dedicated accessories: Flexible fuel tank, fixed knife on back panel, integrated paddles and flexible storage,…
  • Performant in seafoam and breaking waves
  • Large buoyancy tubes
  • Safe and particularly stable
  • Developped with the most recognized worldwide experts
  • Transportable by a two men crew

Search and Rescue Approved, ready for lifesaving




Zodiac Milpro has developed the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) ZMSR-380 in collaboration with the International Federation of Rescue as well as the most recognized Inshore rescue organizations and specialists around the world. Unveiled for the first time as the official boat of the Rescue 2014, the ZMSR-380 is technically particularly accomplished and is particularly efficient in terms of seaworthiness and practical capabilities.



The ZMSR-380 is very light and extremely maneuvering. This inflatable boat combines a unique design and stability and is able to go very quick to a incident area. It reveals itself to be a very powerful and highly accurate asset for rescue. The exclusive design of the IRB’s hull and bow makes it particularly effective passing over waves and highly stable in sea spray and backwash. Accessories and ergonomics of the boat are also specifically designed to optimize the effectiveness of the crew in all the phases of  rescue operations.




ZMSR 380
Overall length 3.81 m / 12’5’’
Maximum payload 700 kg / 1543 lb
Number of persons 6
Recommended power 25 – 30 hp
HULL SHAPE Classical
FLOOR GRP Floorboard