The Armed Forces of Malta upgrade it’s Fast Response Maritime Crafts with two Zodiac Hurricane® ZH-558 IO Jet drive.


The delivery of the two Zodiac Hurricane® ZH-558 IO is the consecration of a project submitted by the Armed Forces of Malta to the European Union External Border found (EBF) in 2011. To upgrade the surveillance capabilities of the two patrol vessels, this Zodiac Hurricane® was developed to be launched from a platform at the aft of the boats. A similar technology already exists on the Adroit, a French patrol vessel also equipped with two Zodiac Hurricane® RIBs.

The ZH-558 IO Jet drive furnished to the Armed Forces of Malta are equipped with a jet propulsion system and their aluminum hull allows them to operate in heavy seas. These boats can intercept an investigate boats crossing in the Mediterranean sea launched from the mother ship everywhere Malta’s presence is required.

Discover the ZH-558 IO Jet in action with the video made by the Armed Forces of Malta: