LUXEMBOURG – The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has recently awarded a contract to Zodiac MilPro International for the acquisition of 13 new rigid-hulled inflatable boats for the Spanish Navy’s Marine Corps. The new boats, designed to support amphibious operations, will facilitate special operations maritime task units, counter-piracy operations and anti-drug operations. 

The boats will be delivered between March 2022 and January 2023, including trailers, static cradles for storage, and will be fully equipped with warfighting capabilities. They will also include a logistics support package of training, optional spares, and a full technical data package.

Being a member of the Naval Logistics Support Partnership (NLSP), Spain benefits from the logistics advantages and the economies of scale generated in a number of recent projects delivered by NSPA. This new acquisition is the most recent example of the support provided to the Spanish Navy.

NSPA is currently in the process of delivering another 24 rigid-hulled inflatable boats, intended for search and rescue operations and personnel transfers to the Spanish Navy. Other recent activities include the delivery of a fire fighting truck for amphibious carrier flight deck operations, maintenance activities for the Spanish submarines, the contracting and delivery of various remotely operated vehicles, and the procurement of a diverse selection of spares.  In addition, the Agency is currently engaged in the acquisition of a deck decompression chamber, underwater telephones for submarines, and a side scan sonar system, on behalf of the Spanish Navy.

NSPA acquires 13 boats for the Spanish Navy's Marine Corps

The new boats are designed to support amphibious operations.

Through its Naval Support Section, NSPA provides technical and operational support to the 20 navies of the Naval Logistic Support Partnership, delivering projects and meeting supply requirements in homeport, and providing port services worldwide to ships underway.

Story by NATO Support and Procurement Agency