A new rib is now operational in Saint-Malo. It replaces the old boat. This new SRA platform ensures much more comfort and safety thanks to its Spartan console. It can transport up to 8 people and is very modular.


  • Optimized platform with more space and more storage thanks to the D-Shape collar and the modular deck.
  • Two VHF radios coupled to the GPS tracking system, as well as an Antares radio, ensure communication between each rescue entity.
  • 4 floodlights offer excellent bridge lighting capability and good visibility in foggy weather, or for any nighttime intervention
  • A dive door facilitates the recovery of men and victims overboard
  • Two tanks of 250 liters and powered by two Yamaha outboard engines of 150 HP
  • A Spartan protects the crew from rain and wind.
  • 4 shock mitigated Milpro seats ensure crew’s comfort. more information on www.milpro.com)

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