Zodiac Milpro and Vectis Marine Design are very pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Vectis Marine Design by Zodiac Milpro on this day 30th April 2021.

Zodiac Milpro is a world leader in the manufacture of inflatable boats and RIBS for the military and professional market. Present in France, Spain, Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Italy and Singapore, Zodiac Milpro has a team of 400 employees worldwide and delivers a turnover of 60m Euros. Vectis Marine Design is a naval architecture consultancy based near Southampton, England with whom Zodiac Milpro has worked successfully for many years.

Created in 2008 by Andrew Humphries and John Fox Robinson, two highly skilled naval architects, Vectis Marine Design specialises in the engineering and design of high-performance and specialist vessels. The company has a strong reputation in the design of fast patrol boats, RIBs, special forces craft, rescue craft and other vessels to meet demanding operational requirements.

It is to Vectis Marine Design that Zodiac Milpro owes the development of the ECUME the well known highly capable military RIBS for the French Navy, and the aluminum SRA series for the professional market, which sets a new benchmark in its field. Zodiac Milpro is currently entrusting Vectis Marine Design with the extension of this SRA range and other development of new innovative products.

As well as new vessel design, Vectis Marine Design provides technical support to a wide range of vessels and this will continue and develop with Zodiac Milpro’s backing. With this acquisition, Zodiac Milpro strengthens its autonomy in design and innovation, its capacity for engineering, and its ability to deliver complex tenders and projects more effectively. This acquisition is part of the Group’s development strategy to support its growth and meet an ever-increasing demand from customers for more capable and efficient craft.


Guillaume Laurin, President of Zodiac Milpro commented

“We are particularly pleased with this agreement. Vectis Marine Design and Zodiac Milpro have been working together for a long time. Thanks to Vectis Marine Design’s know-how, experience and professionalism, Zodiac Milpro will be able to handle more complex programs and further increase its innovation dynamic. Our respective teams know each other well and appreciate working together. This acquisition is completely in line with our strategy to strengthen our internal capabilities. It is a natural rapprochement which will give both our companies great opportunities of further development and continue to offer our clients the best military and professional craft on the market.”

Andrew Humphries, Managing Director of Vectis Marine Design added

“We have worked closely with Zodiac Milpro since 2009 and are delighted that Vectis is now becoming part of the Zodiac Milpro group. We have always enjoyed working with Zodiac Milpro and appreciated their professional and collaborative approach. We see this next exciting step as a great endorsement of the work that the whole Vectis team has put into the business since Vectis was established in 2008. We very much look forward to the closer partnership with Zodiac Milpro while at the same time continuing to support our other clients with innovative design, engineering and technical support”.