Military and professionnal RIBs : a global leader.

Zodiac Milpro is the global leader in the manufacture of military and professional RIBs and inflatable boats.

Mastering the Elements

Formed in 1909 as an airship company, Zodiac Milpro began repurposing the technology for use in boats as early as 1934, with the development of a 2-seat inflatable kayak. In 1940, Zodiac Milpro invents the prototype of the first inflatable boat. Since the ’40s every major development in the inflatable boat and RIB industry has been developed by Zodiac Milpro.

Zodiac Milpro focuses on creating long-lasting relationships by delivering superior products and excellent support service to military, government, and commercial customers. The company emphasizes excellence in all aspects of its operations, with a cultivated spirit for innovation.

Zodiac Milpro is a comprehensive dedicated business unit for military and professional customers. Autonomous management, dedicated design, and engineering teams, commercial networks, and exclusive production facilities ensure consistent product delivery, product quality and the ability to develop custom mission-specific solutions for our most demanding clients.

It’s only natural that our Military and Professional Products division has a true military culture – many of our top management are retired military professional with direct experience with Zodiac Milpro™ product. We understand the importance of utter reliability, the importance of logistics in the solution sets we develop, and the rigorous environments our products must endure.

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A global player

Zodiac Milpro has more than 20,000 boats in daily use by over 80 military forces across the globe. Zodiac Milpro’s global network of trained specialists and approved service sites present in most parts of the world stand ready to give assistance and support to our products and customers.

Fully operational Zodiac Milpro subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and Australia, as well as dealers and agents worldwide, are available to discuss your requirements.

A historical of service

Since 1896, Zodiac Milpro has been designing innovative products in the Military and Professional field for “those who work on the water”.

Zodiac Milpro has originated most of the major concepts that have driven the development of the modern inflatable boat since the 1930s. Since those early days, Zodiac Milpro has become the main manufacturer of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for Professional and Military applications.

In 1990, Zodiac set up Zodiac Milpro, a highly professional team focused to the Military and Professional field, with three specifically production facilities (all ISO 9001 approved) in Spain, Canada and the UK, and more recently in South Carolina (USA), each supported by experienced R&D, sales and marketing teams.

Zodiac Milpro is proud to continuously develop specific designs and engineering solutions for its customers, offering:

  • The largest range of inflatable and semi-rigid boats in the market,
  • A complete after sales service program and life cycle logistic support,
  • A worldwide network of approved service sites, distributors and agents,
  • Regular factory inspection and demonstrations,
  • Operational training for maintenance and repairs, either in-house or on site.

About Zodiac Hurricane Technologies

In the early ’60s, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute in Great Britain designed the first rigid-hulled inflatable boat or RIB.

This hybrid craft was developed for high speed, offshore sea, and rescue operations. Zodiac Milpro continued research and development of this new technology and developed the concept into today’s very successful rigid hull inflatable boats.

In 1987, Zodiac SA acquired a majority share in the capital of Zodiac Marine Ltd. and a majority stake in Hurricane Rescue Craft Inc. and formed Zodiac Hurricane Marine Inc. (ZHM).

In 1991, Zodiac SA combined its Toronto-based distribution subsidiary (ZIT) with it’s manufacturing company in Richmond (ZHM), to form Zodiac Hurricane Technologies Inc. (ZHT). Today, Zodiac Hurricane Technologies is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional RIBs.

Utilizing only high-grade materials and modern design technologies, durable sea keeping qualities are computer designed to combine aluminum or fiberglass hulls with a versatile inflatable or foam collar.

This produces a safer, faster, tougher and more efficient boat that is easier to launch, use and recover than conventional boats, while giving superior stability, buoyancy and protective characteristics.

We have developed these notable special projects for customers worldwide

  • Remote controlled 24′ – RIB PC crafts for Schreiner Canada
  • ZH-733 O/B boats for the U.S. Secret Service as Presidential security craft for past U.S. President George Bush at Kennebunkport, Maine.
  • 24′ – ZH-733 I/O Special Warfare boats for the U.S. Navy S.E.A.L.s
  • ZH-640 I/O Jet boats used at U.S.C.G. STATION PORT CANAVERAL during Space Shuttle launch and recovery missions in conjunction with NASA security.
  • 550 FI Assault Craft used by the Canadian Military and Special Forces.
  • ZH-733 O/B with special camouflage for U.S. Navy Explosives and Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Teams.
  • 24′ – ZH-733 O/B boats for French Special Forces Commandos.
  • ZH-733 I/O Jet boat used for emergency rescue situations at the Philadelphia Airport.
  • ZH-733 O/B Cabin boats used by R.C.M.P. for East Coast patrol/law enforcement.
  • ZH-920 (30′ long) Cabin boat used by the Canadian fisheries.
  • 44′ long, totally enclosed, twin diesel engine crew boat used by Straights Crossing Ltd.