Product Certifications

Zodiac Milpro has approval in many countries from many different maritime authorities including ABYC, NNMA, SOLAS, MCA, USCG, CCG, ISO.


Factory Certifications


Zodiac Milpro Intellectual Property

Over the years, Zodiac Milpro has registered numerous patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights, leading the world in innovation for inflatable marine applications.

Key innovations include:

  • Composite Buoyancy Collars : By combining the unique advantages of inflation and foam, the collars enhance their resistance to punctures.
  • Foam-buoyancy Collars : provide excellent durability with special reinforcement and surface coatings and allow various shapes.
    The DuraRib™ foam collar is a patented system which upgrades an inflatable collar to a foam filled collar. The DuraRib™ collar retains 100% of its form and function even if punctured due to its outer polyurethane skin supported by layers of closed cell foam.
  • Wrap-around Collars : For stern launched and recovered boats, collar design extending along entire peripheries of the boats provide extra buoyancy, making launching and recovery maneuver safer in rough seas.
  • Automatic inflation systems for collars : for rapid inflation, topping-off pressure and rapid deflation of the inflatable compartments.
  • Diver Accessibility : Collar integrated dive doors with tube elements that may be removed aids divers operations without sacrificing boat buoyancy when a diver needs to pass into or out of a boat. Unlike other systems, as integrated into collar, these innovations do not require additional equipment or stabilizers and allow for easy and quick repair and replacement of the tubes.
  • DiverDoor™ and Rapid Access Door are patented systems of removable sections of collars for greater access to the water for divers, personnel recovery or marine mammals.
  • Lifting pads : With a flush deck design, lifting eye folds flush when not in use, providing an attractive, unobtrusive structure.
  • Shock Mitigation Flooring : Zodiac Milpro is an exclusive user of SKYDEX shock mitigating flooring systems.
  • SMS™ (Shock Mitigation Systems – 2 types of seating) : Even though a Zodiac Milpro RIB is inherently shock mitigating due to its hull and collar design, Zodiac offers a variety of SMS solutions including two types of integrated seats and console suspended systems.