In partnership with the University of Perpignan, the laboratory of CNRS, the Center for Training and Research on Mediterranean Environments and Tech of Plongée Diving club, Hydrosphère Explo association has set up a mission of exploration at the pond of Lanoux in the Pyrenees (France).

In order to study the effects of high-altitude diving on the human body, a team of professional divers and scientists spent a week at the pond of Lanoux (2200 meters above sea level). This expedition was also the occasion to learn more about the fauna and flora of this beautiful pond.

Interested by this ambitious project, Zodiac Milpro sales team has decided to lend an FC 470 (a 4.7 m inflatable boat) in order to help the team of divers to have better access to diving zones on the pond.

The team had to do a 2-hour hike to go to the lake, so it was almost impossible to carry all the material from the bottom to the top of the mountain. The plan was to transport all the equipment (diving equipment, medical equipment…) by helicopter, including the boat!

A special technic invented by Zodiac Milpro called “HELISLING” allows transporting the inflatable boat by air by using specific slings that can support the weight of the boat while it is being lifted. Thanks to 2 slings put under the boat, it can be safely transported by a helicopter.

This maneuver is very impressive because the boat is flying over the mountains!

After being helislinged, the boat has been put in the water next to the base camp of the exploration team. They were able to use the boat for a week to carry out their mission.

We hope everything went well and that the team made many interesting discoveries; we’ll keep in touch to learn more about the results.

Congratulations to Christophe and Jean-Luc who achieved a 79 deep dive at 2200 meters above the sea! Thanks to Laurent, organizer of the expedition who generously welcomed us and a big thank you to the team for the good mood!

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