From the first inflatable boats in the 1920’s to the development of the RIB in the 1960’s though to the game-changing MACH II Hull concept; Zodiac Milpro and Zodiac HURRICANE continue to pioneer new concepts that give our customers the extra edge they need.

All Zodiac HURRICANE boats can be built according to the relevant EU, ABYC, USCG, SOLAS, etc. As well as other similar standards. Our company is also proud to be ISO 9001:2008, CSA W47.2 Div2 and Div3 certified, which requires that we maintain a strict program of Quality Assurance and Controls.




The Zodiac Hurricane Technical Centre is based in Vancouver, Canada.

It comprises two separate yet complementary teamsResearch & Development and Production Engineering, both teams fully dedicated to Rigid Inflatable Boats design and construction.

Their regular contact with customers throughout the world ensures that our products meet all customer expectations.


A quality plan

To ensure utmost quality throughout the production process, from design to delivery, Zodiac Hurricane has developed clear-cut procedures.

The entire system is continuously adapted to ensure product quality and our customer satisfaction.
ISO Certification, Solas Approval, Other Mandated Approvals, Certificates : read more…

Products & Innovations

Zodiac Milpro’s Technical Team and selected partners around the world give us a leading edge on innovative products and solutions.
The wide variety of Zodiac Milpro hulls, options, accessories and dedicated systems are all protected by copyright. Milpro customers benefit from our “out of the box” thinking as well as our proven processes and exclusive features, such as:

Zodiac Hurricane MACH II
(Military Air Channeled Hull II)

WrapAround collar
Extends the buoyancy tube
behind the boat and engines.

Lift points
Zodiac Hurricane designs and certifies combinations of lifting points, from single to multiple.

Durarib™ Tube (left)
A patented system which upgrades an inflatable buoyancy tube to a foam-filled one and keeps 100% of its shape and function even if punctured.

Dive door (right)
Allows one section of the tube to be removed for fast and efficient body recovery.


Zodiac Hurricane uses FEA to study sensitive structures under excessive loads by digitally simulating different scenarios using software called Simulation Works (SolidWorks).