In response to numerous customer requests, Zodiac Milpro has developed a wide variety of specialized craft, with dedicated solutions as well as training and after-sales support.


This patented system provides anti ballistic protection for the passengers, crew, engine and vital componentsof the boat. It is deployed easily and quickly and can be confi gured for protection against various armaments.


A patented lift point that is recessed into the deck of a RIB. The lifting sling is easily attached to the swivel eye which is normally fl ush with the deck when not in use thus avoiding a signifi cant trip hazard and a safety issue.

Durarib™ foam collar

A patented system which upgrades an inflatable buoyancy tube to a foam filled one and keeps 100% of its shape and function, even if punctured.


This patented system allows the operational air pressure inside the buoyancy tube to be maintained automatically by a 12 volt inflation pump, activated by a sensor. It is activated by a switch on the dash board, ensuring that each chamber is maintained at the required air pressure during navigation thanks to the exclusive Zodiac Milpro Intercommunicating valve.

Durafit™ and Quickfit™

These unique systems are designed for a quick attachment and removal of components such as seats, bolsters, storage lockers and other accessories to the deck, which allows a Zodiac Milpro RIB to have many different configurations and to fit various mission profiles.


This patented system allows for the engines to be covered by an insulating material that reduces the heat signature of the boat.


Zodiac Milpro takes the subject of crew injuries and crew fatigue seriously. These are the effects of operating high speed crafts for long periods of time in severe sea conditions. Even though Zodiac Milpro RIBs are inherently shock mitigating due to their buoyancy tube design, Zodiac Milpro offers some stand alone systems as optional equipment, including seats, bolsters, suspension systems, sprung flooring and supports.

Rapid Access Door™ (RAD)

A smaller diameter part of the buoyancy tube, developed to facilitate the access to the boat from the water or to rescue men overboard. Thanks to this new design, search & rescue missions can be performed faster and safer, and safety at sea is generally increased.

WrapAround™ collar

A patented system which extends the buoyancy tube behind the boat and engines, to increase the boat’s aft buoyancy, especially when launching and recovering from a stern ramp of a ship.