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In the air, on the ground, on and under the water, Zodiac Milpro developed a full range of trainings.

Adapted to users’s needs, trainings are dispensed by an expert trainers team who acquired experience by long year spent in contact of the maritime and offshore industry, military and Special Forces, Coast Guards and law enforcement organizations.


      • Custom-made trainings

Providing many organizations around the world, Zodiac Milpro is able to design specific trainings for a lot of applications. Special applications, skill development, team building, Zodiac Milpro’s trainers are qualified to build up courses on any application field and with any equipment, wathever the customer requirement.

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      • Standard trainings

Zodiac Milpro designed a range of standard trainings, based on the most required courses. These trainings can be adapted to the customer’s needs, and dispensed in the Zodiac Milpro’s facilities or at the customer’s location.

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• Commissioning and delivery of new products: provide users useful knowledge and information on the use of their boats in the best conditions.

A Zodiac Milpro expert inspects products and makes it operational with the user.

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• Maintenance training: proposed to support the set up of maintenance teams and repair workshops.

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    • Level 1 : Basic repair – buoyancy tube
    • Level 2 : Advanced repair – tube and hull
    • Custom-made : complete maintenance




• Piloting training: improve pilots’ skills.

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    • Level 1 : Basic piloting
    • Level 2 : Advanced piloting
    • Level 3 : Navigation and leading
    • Jet-ski piloting




• Special Techniques training: cover specific user’s demanding missions requirements.

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    • Search and Rescue
    • Operational Underwater Caché
    • Low height HeliDrop
    • Other para-comando applications
    • Capsizing emergency situation





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