Sea Rib‘s Specific Features

As global leader of rigid inflatable boats (RIB) solutions, Zodiac Milpro developed a lot of specific features. These special characteristics, provide Sea Rib, the best capacities and make them able to a lot of special applications.


  • Zodiac Milpro inflation / intercommunication valves : specific inflation valves, providing the capacity to inflate the whole buoyancy tube at the same time from one point, and to secure each compartment during navigation. It also has an overpressure function, allowing the valve to relief overpressured air/gaz. The Zodiac Milpro inflation / intercommunication valve is the only system on the market to perform standard Underwater Caché procedure.
  • Heavy duty CSM / neoprene fabric  : the Zodiac Milpro fabric is specifically manufactured on our specifications, set at the highest quality level available on the market, and featuring the tickest layer of CSM. In 1100 dtx (decitex) or 1670 dtx, the differents types of the Zodiac Milpro fabric are totally adapted to the boats conception and use.
  • Rapid Access Door (RAD) : a smaller diameter of the buoyancy tube in one point of the collar, allowing easier access to the water. It is particularly recommended for diver or rescue operations.
  • Diver’s Door : a hollow in the buoyancy tube allowing direct access to the water. It is particularly recommended for diver and rescue operations. Patented system.
  • Durarib™ foam collar : a patented system which upgrades an inflatable buoyancy tube to a foam filled one and keeps 100% of its shape and function, even if punctured.
  • Removable slide on collar : a specific collar fitted on the hull with a bolt rope. It allows rapid exchange and easy maintenance.
  • D-Shape collar : a half section inflatable removable collar, increasing the useable deck area.
  • Self-draining deck : a designed deck profil, providing self-draining capacity to the RIB, even at mooring.


  • Integrated fuel tank and cables paths : a specific hull development, including fuel tank integration and paths for electrical cables, fuel pipes and steering cables. The deck integrates removable panel for easy maintenance, and access hatches.
  • Sea water ballast system : a specific hull development, including a sea water ballast. It provides high stability and the best maneuvrability at slow speed.