Zodiac Milpro’s newly established subsidiary, ORIA Marine, unveils its efficiency solution for maritime professionals. Its mission is to help maritime professionals reach optimal operational performance while reducing their environmental impact.
The ORIA Box collects and centralizes data from a fleet of boats. The box is a physical unit that connects to the vessel’s existing data network and collects data from existing sensors and equipment. This data is then analyzed, and translated into reports and actions to improve operational performance.

A fleet manager can thus access its fleet data through the analysis platform to obtain the consumption of each boat, compare boat performances and generate usage reports. ORIA Marine can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, increase engine life and optimize the use and maintenance of boats.

“The maritime world is still under-explored in terms of collecting and analyzing data. There is tremendous potential to be unlocked. Measuring on-board data leads to a better understanding of the boats’ use and enables us to find the best solutions”

Aymeric de Cagny, CEO of Oria Marine.
For more information, visit: www.oria-marine.com