Whether optimizing for comfort during extended patrol missions or maximizing speed for interception capabilities in challenging seas, we excel in striking the perfect balance to address mission-specific needs. Our platforms offer compatibility with various propulsion options, capable of achieving speeds of up to 70 knots in the most streamlined configurations.

For vessels exceeding 9 meters, we offer semi-closed or fully enclosed cabins equipped with amenities such as gyroscopic stabilizers, toilets, refrigerators, cookers, air conditioning, and heaters, ensuring optimal crew comfort and endurance during operations.

We integrate comprehensive combat systems that facilitate seamless communication with shore or ship stations, enhancing operational efficiency and coordination. Our Deep-V and MACH II hulls boast marine-grade quality, proven to withstand high-speed maneuvers in rough sea conditions while mitigating crew fatigue. With ergonomically designed piloting setups and meticulously crafted seats, we prioritize both pilot efficiency and safety.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING: Piloting level 1 & 2, capsizing


Recognizing the evolving nature of boarding operations in modern conflicts, we are dedicated to advancing the art of boat boarding. Zodiac Milpro understands the dynamic challenges posed by defense systems and ship-specific complexities. Our RIBs remain the preferred choice for maintaining contact with target ships during assault operations due to their versatility.

Collaborating closely with commando units worldwide, we prioritize safety while ensuring our RIBs meet the rigorous demands of today’s operational environments. Our team includes former commando operators, whose insights contribute to shaping the design and trial phases, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of our solutions.

From telescopic poles to ballistic protection and propulsion systems optimized for aerated water, we integrate a comprehensive array of assault systems tailored to mission requirements. Committed to mission success, We focus on delivering holistic solutions, encompassing responsive hull shapes, optimized crew displacement, and redundant piloting systems.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING: Piloting level 2 & 3


At Zodiac Milpro, our mission is to empower first responder teams worldwide with innovative and efficient solutions designed for rapid deployment in critical situations. With a commitment to safety and rescue, we specialize in crafting products that prioritize speed, versatility, and reliability.

From our foldable inflatables to rescuer RHIBs, our focus remains unwavering: to provide first responders with the tools they need to save lives effectively. We work closely with national life-saving organizations such as SNSM, SLSA, RNLI, and fire departments globally to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Our team comprises former and current members of these esteemed organizations, bringing firsthand experience and expertise to the design and development process. Together, we strive to shape the future of rescue operations, continuously innovating to meet evolving mission requirements and challenges.
At Zodiac Milpro, we are supporting those who dedicate their lives to saving others. Our products are more than tools; they are a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and efficiency.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING : Piloting level 1, 2, 3 and capsizing


Embarking on expeditions to remote and challenging locations, such as the Arctic poles, demands specialized expertise and reliable equipment. Our Heavy Duty Mark inflatable boats are meticulously configured for cruise expeditions, prioritizing the safety and comfort of untrained passengers while facilitating seamless launch, recovery, storage, and maintenance operations for the crew.

We extend this same commitment to excellence to our RIBs, which can be tailored to support various cruise expedition activities. Additionally, we offer electric hybrid propulsion systems to minimize disturbance to marine wildlife, reflecting our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Our RIBs boast versatile configurations to support a range of activities, including sonar research, movie shooting, professional or leisure diving, and more. We are providing unparalleled solutions for exploration and adventure in the world’s most remote and wild places.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING: Expedition Standard operational training & Expedition Master operational training,


Zodiac Milpro has a rich history intertwined with Special Forces, with the FC 470 retaining its status as the premier inflatable for these elite units. We have former commando operators within our teams to rigorously test and refine new solutions, ensuring our products evolve in tandem with mission profiles.

Our boats offer a comprehensive range of customizable options, catering to a wide array of multi-modal missions deployable with aircraft, helicopters, submarines, surface ships, and land systems.

We prioritize crafting holistic solutions tailored to specific mission requirements and provide expert guidance and training for specialized applications.

RECOMMENDED TRAINING: Piloting level 2& 3, Underwater cache, Helidrop, helisling, Airdrop